Anthony Williams, President and CEO

I started in the IT field young and worked for myself for a bit of time until I began to explore into full time positions.

After 10 years of experience doing so, I decided to work for myself again. I had the drive, I had the potential and I was certainly aware of my capabilities as well humanity when it comes to those in need of the services within my field of expertise.

One of the reasons I was driven to self-employment was the concept of humanity, which was lacking in the companies I worked for at the time.  I now have 20+ years of hands on experience, my clients are never ripped off, my work is never under par, my efforts are driven by outcome and client satisfaction.

I made sure to hand pick and train my team of professionals to have the same respect and knowledge in order to provide the same outstanding outcome I would  offer to any of my clients.

I guarantee nothing less than top notch support and service and pride myself for my company’s success in its growth. I have gotten this far off of word of mouth, for offering my clients services with utmost care, honesty and professionalism. I look to spread my principals to my future clients and provide them the understanding of my principals.

Silver Horizon Inc provides a vast array of services with a focus on Managed IT for businesses of all sizes. We never leave out our residential clients, we are happy to assist with anyone’s needs, to our fullest expertise.

Our company takes on the needs of our clients which include, but are not limited to:

  • contacted or a-la-carte services
  • data wiring
  • consultation support
  • on-site or remote service
  • VOIP services
  • Camera installation and more!